What to Look For When Buying a Home CCTV System

What to Look For When Buying a Home
CCTV System
Investing in a home CCTV is a smart investment for a number of reasons. This article will cover
the types cctv camera, cost, placement and Data protection laws. Purchasing a surveillance camera is a good
way to deter intruders and protect your property. You should also be aware of the laws
governing data protection and the privacy of your recordings. Here’s what to look for when
buying a security camera for your home.

6 tips for choosing the right CCTV camera for your home
The cost of home CCTV systems varies. An eight-camera system is likely to cost around
PS1,000 plus VAT, while a wireless system will probably cost you between PS450 and PS750.
Annual maintenance fees begin at around PS100. While CCTV installation in major cities can be
costly, average costs for a four-camera system start from PS800 + VAT, which includes
identifying locations, securing cameras, and setting up the system.
There are several types of home CCTV systems, including wireless ones and wired systems.
While the latter are best for locations where Wi-Fi is not widespread, wireless devices can be
weakened by the wireless signals of a lot of objects. In such cases, wired or wireless CCTV
platforms are not recommended. These systems are not only expensive, but they can also
interfere with other electronics in the vicinity. To prevent such problems, wireless CCTV systems
can be connected to a generator.

Data protection laws
You may be wondering about the data protection laws regarding the use of CCTV in your home.
Whether you are using a CCTV system to protect your property or capturing images of people on
your phone, you need to know your obligations and comply with these laws. The GDPR has
defined what personal data is, and CCTV images that identify a person are considered to be
personal data. The European Court of Justice ruled that this exemption does not apply.
If you live in a residential colony, you might need permission from your local civic society to
install home CCTV. You must also notify your neighbours if you want to install CCTV in their
property. Most residential colonies require residents to notify their local civic society before
installing CCTV cameras. In addition, you should always ask for permission from your
neighbours before installing CCTV cameras. You can find some tools that help you determine
how much space your CCTV camera needs.

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