Back Pain At Work: How To Fix It

Many people suffer from back pain at work, this is particularly the case for employees with a sedentary position. What are the causes of these back pain? How to avoid and mitigate them? Which address ?

Causes of back pain

Usually back pain is caused by:

  • The stress
  • Bad postures
  • Inappropriate gestures

Obligation to ensure the health of employees

According to article L. 4121-1 of the Labor Code, the employer must protect the health and safety of his employees. He must establish a risk assessment , inform and implement preventive actions, as well as study and solve any problem of which he is informed.


Postures and gestures to adopt

It is important to stand correctly and do certain exercises to avoid back pain:

  • Keep your neck straight
  • Relax the shoulders
  • Have the forearms almost horizontal, in line with the shoulders
  • Keep your back straight and wedge your bottom well
  • Have your hands at the same height as your elbows
  • Uncross your legs and place them on the floor or on a footrest
  • Get up regularly
  • Stretch
  • Engage in physical activity outside of work

Contact the management, the occupational physician, the CHSCT

In the event of too significant ailments , requiring the intervention of others to find a solution, employees can speak directly to their management.

In companies with at least 50 employees, employees can contact the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (CHSCT), which can contact an expert (who will be paid by the company) registered with the Ministry of Labour.

For companies with less than 50 employees, employees can call on the staff representative or the occupational physician (Article R4624-18 of the Labor Code)


It is possible to opt for sit-stand work , organize the work differently (if the source of the ailments is stress for example), buy the appropriate equipment or which will improve working conditions …

In addition, the occupational physician can also carry out an ergonomic study of the workstation and suggest measures to be taken such as the transformation of the workstation, for example.

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